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Remote Emission Reduction Management

The oil and gas sector is currently facing the most challenging business environment in recent years. With the increasing adoption of more stringent environmental regulations across Canada and the United States, operators are moving forward with the installation of technologies that serve a vital purpose: emission reduction.

Operators rely on this emissions reduction equipment to generate carbon credits and ensure environmental compliance, but many have yet to see the importance of monitoring these systems regularly.

Remote monitoring and SCADA systems have seen widespread adoption for the monitoring of mission critical components such as pumps, valves, and safety devices. These systems ensure that operators are always aware of the state of their systems and can respond accordingly if something goes wrong. So why isn’t emissions reduction equipment, such as enclosed vapor combustors, monitored in the same way? Below are some important considerations.

Reduced equipment downtime

When an enclosed combustor is not operational, it might take a considerable amount of time to diagnose the issue and bring the equipment back online. Remote monitoring systems allow for temperature and gas flow rate data to be analyzed in real time. When a fault is encountered and the system must shutdown, the operator is immediately notified and provided with crucial data about the state of the system.

Opposed to arriving on site to troubleshoot the problem, the operator already understands the issue and can travel to site with the necessary tools and parts to get the system operational without delay.

Streamlined maintenance work

Keeping track of equipment maintenance is laborious. The continuous list of workorders given to technicians and engineers can make it difficult to keep track of maintenance conducted to each piece of equipment. The use of digital maintenance logs enables technicians to verify completed workorders as soon as they are ready to leave site. The operator can upload documents and notes related to maintenance work that is tied to a specific piece of equipment.

Regulatory data at your fingertips

With increased demand for emissions reduction comes increased efforts for compliance reporting. Regulatory bodies, such as the Alberta Energy Regulator, are monitoring data submitted via reporting systems, like Petrinex, to ensure they are accurate and up to date. When it comes time to verify emissions, companies often resort to guesswork and estimations to quantify compliance with emissions targets.

By using a Clear Rush Co enclosed vapor combustor equipped with a remote monitoring system, historical data related to gas flow volumes, uptime, downtime, and maintenance work is all available in real time. This real time data makes monthly and annual reporting quick and easy.

We get it

Clear Rush Co. understands the importance and efforts in ensuring environmental compliance. Therefore, we recommend the use of SCADA capable controls that integrate with our GEARS (Gas Emission Application and Reporting System) web application. This system works to minimize downtime, make maintenance tracking easier, and track crucial information for verification or regulatory purposes.

Why make emissions management harder than it needs to be?

Visit to use our GEARS Gas Emission Application and Reporting System web application.



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