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ACL Manufacturing has been leading the way in safe and reliable industrial burner systems for the Energy Sector since 1991.

Through years of experience, ACL has been a continual innovator in providing safe and reliable control equipment and clean technology for industrial heaters, incinerators, combustors, and flare ignition systems.


ACL’s background in the instrumentation and electrical field has allowed us to provide combustion solutions for some of the most difficult and unusual applications.


From developing the first CSA combustion safety controls for hazardous locations to patenting the most efficient burners in the industry, ACL has become the go-to company for addressing difficult applications.


ACL has always kept safety and reliability at the forefront while increasing our offerings of environmentally conscious products.


With our strong team of professionals, we are continually creating new products to serve our evolving industry while keeping to our strong values of safety, reliability, and the environment.




Rush Burner



All-in-one combustion solution for line heaters, tank burners, dehy's, free water knockouts, separators, etc.


Burner Management


Complete lineup of leading edge

Burner Management Systems

CRC_TC200_Spec_Sheet_2020_3 (1).png

The ACL TC200 Electronic Temperature Controller is designed for accurate temperature monitoring, calibrating and control of industrial heating applications.

CRC-ACL-HEB-2104-ACL 1500 Pilot Nozzle.png

The ACL Low NOx High Efficiency Combustion Burner Assembly includes a high aspiration mixer, optional mixer sleeve, new venturi, and optimizer nozzle(s).


Our flame arrestors prevent flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat using spiral wound crimped ribbon flame cells. These cells allow maximum flow with maximum protection.

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ACL has developed two superior pilot assemblies to work with our combustion safety controllers. These systems are typically used in severe service and windy conditions where other pilots fail.


ACL Valve Train Package comes complete with Controller, High Efficiency Burner, solenoids, junction box and pressure switches.

CSA Pre-Approved for B149.3-15 Pre-assembled with CSA certified components approved for Class I, Div I location.

ACL Fuel Gas Valve Train.jpg


ACL 3200-1.JPG.jpg

ACL manufactures a complete line of CSA approved flare stack ignition systems from a self-powered shot tube ignitor to a fully retractable automatic continuous pilot.


The ACL 2000 Flame Fail Ignition System provides pilot ignition and flame fail protection without the requirement of electricity.


The ACL 100 Portable Torch is a cost-effective, safe, and reliable means of igniting all forms of line heaters, burners, and more.


ACL Solenoid Drivers

The ACL-SD line of solenoid drivers will increase the life of your solenoids, reduce current draw and eliminate any heat generated by the solenoids.


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