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Clear Rush Co. Acquires Black Gold Industries Ltd. and ACL Manufacturing Inc., and Further Expansion

We are excited to announce Black Gold Rush Industries Ltd. and ACL Manufacturing Inc. have been acquired by Clear Rush Co. effective August 15, 2020.

Clear Rush Co. will combine the world-class ACL Manufacturing Inc. product line with the safe and reliable clean technology product line of Black Gold Rush Industries Ltd. in addition to the new division of Clear Rush Projects.

Clear Rush Co. is a privately owned Clean Technology Group of Companies that will provide proven and reliable products and services to the Global Energy sector's transition into a cleaner future.

Upon completion of this acquisition, Clear Rush Co. will operate four separate divisions including Rush Industries, ACL Manufacturing, and Clear Rush Projects.

Clear Rush Co.'s intention is to provide our clients in the energy sector with a single point source for all their clean technology needs.

Rush Industries Logo

Rush Industries manufactures the BGR enclosed vapour combustors, flare stacks, and in line flame arrestors, as well as providing custom fabrication. The Rush Industries division also provides clients with environmental and engineering services such as dispersion modelling, exploration & production tank calculations, flare velocity calculations, ground-level radiation calculations, and pressure drop calculations.

ACL Manufacturing Logo

For over 28 years ACL Manufacturing has provided the oil and gas industry with safe and reliable industrial burner systems. Clear Rush Co. is proud to be able to continue to provide ACL’s complete burner management systems including the renowned all in one Rush Burner, high-efficiency burners, pilots, valve trains, flame arrestors, and ignition control equipment.

Clear Rush Projects Logo

The Clear Rush Projects team is a complete installation and service group. From permit pulling, inspection applications, and the installation of all Clear Rush Co. products, the professional Clear Rush Projects team will ensure the client's equipment is operating in the most efficient way possible. The Clear Rush Projects group also provides clients with contract operating and maintenance services.

The global energy sector is in a transformational time. Current and future generations will expect and demand that energy be produced in a clean conscientious manner. Clear Rush Co. is committed to providing clients with the clean technology resources they require in order to make this transition into a cleaner future as seamless as possible.

We are excited and encouraged by this acquisition and the new direction we are headed. We hope and trust that you will share in this excitement and continue to allow Clear Rush Co.: A Clean Technology Group of Companies to provide the unparalleled products and services that Black Gold Rush Industries Ltd. and ACL Manufacturing Inc. have provided over the years.

We invite you to follow our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest Clear Rush Co. news, products, services, clean technology culture, and more.

We are further excited to unveil our new website:

Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to the Clear Rush Co. team:

• (403) 638-2287 •


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