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MoRush Mavericks Power Up Movember

On November 1st, members of the Clear Rush Co. team banded together to form the MoRush Mavericks, and started the month off with a clean shave. We shaved down to power up Movember – joining the movement for men's health awareness this November.

Check back in every Friday for 'stache snapshots and find out why Movember matters and how our moustaches are making a difference. Tune in on November 30th for The 'Stache Standoff: Clear Rush Co. employees will vote for the mightiest moustache, and the winner enjoys a luxurious facial grooming kit! Then, the team member who raised the most money is in for a grand prize!

Our Motivation: MoRush Mavericks, we're not just growing 'staches, we're sparking change. Every whisker stands for men's health and a better tomorrow. Mavericks lead; they don't follow. This Movember, we're not just in the game, we're here to conquer. To the top!

Clear Rush Co.'s Commitment: we're in it together. Clear Rush Co. will match every dollar raised by our valiant participants.

Every moustache and every sponsorship matters. The funds we're raising will foster life-changing men's health projects!

Want to join in and contribute? Donate to a member or our whole team, here:



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