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Clear Rush Co. is a privately owned Clean Technology

Group of Companies providing proven and reliable clean tech products and services to the Global Energy sector.


Our Divisions

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Clear Rush Co. is proud to be able to provide the ACL Manufacturing high-efficiency low NoX burners and complete burner management systems including the All-In-One Rush Burner.

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Rush Industries manufactures all Clear Rush Co emission reduction equipment, including the renowned BGR Enclosed Vapour Combustors.

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Installation of all Clear Rush Co clean tech emission reduction equipment can safely, economically and efficiently be installed through the Professional Rush Projects team.

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The road ahead is clear — join the rush.
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An Air Intake Flame Arrestor is an essential safety device for any gas-burning appliance on an oil and gas facility. This device stops a flame from entering an atmosphere where combustible gases may be present to prevent explosions, burns, or other hazards. 

These devices are typically constructed of crimped or corrugated aluminum ribbon that is rolled tightly into a cell. Depending on the application, however, additional screens, slotted plates, or meshes can be used to supplement the rolled cell.

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