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Clear Rush Co. is a privately owned Clean Technology Group of Companies

providing proven and reliable clean tech products and services to the Global Energy sector.

Rush Industries manufactures all Clear Rush Co emission reduction equipment including the renowned BGR Enclosed Vapour Combustors (EVC’s).

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Clear Rush Co. is proud to be able to provide the ACL Manufacturing high-efficiency low NoX burners and complete burner management systems including the All-In-One Rush Burner.

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Installation of all Clear Rush Co clean tech emission reduction equipment can safely, economically and efficiently be installed through the Professional Rush Projects team.

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Every clean tech product Clear Rush Co. manufactures is available on a rental basis. The ability to offer Clear Rush Co. products by way of a rental will provide clients a feasible and economical solution to continue to reduce emissions.

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Featured Product

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The ACL CSC400 Combustion Safety Controller is a leading edge burner management system which provides burner ignition and flame fail sensing for single or dual burner applications.


It monitors three separate thermocouple inputs that can be used for temperature control in process applications such as tanks, heater/treaters, fired separators, line heaters, re-boilers or any other applications where accurate temperature monitoring and or control is required.


The CSC400 can be configured to be used on incinerators, enclosed combustors, and flare stacks as well. The CSC400 provides two 4-20mA inputs and outputs for shutdown, monitoring, and/or transmitter requirements, as well as Modbus for communication and control.

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