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The Rush Power is a unique and reliable solution for converting waste gas into power. This is done through the use of a Stirling engine that has been proven extensively in Europe (thousands sold) and has now made its way into the North American market.

Rush Industries has found a way to utilize this reliable power source in a stand-alone unit that can provide a continuous 1000 watts to run SCADA systems, process valves, burner management systems, process control and measurement transmitters, and even lighting and security on remote well sites.


This stand-alone unit can be paired up with the complete line of BGR combustors to provide a sensible and complete solution of fugitive and waste gas destruction regardless of the volume and can be placed right in the confines of the well lease site.

Its ability to provide 24 VDC at 1000W (peaking to 5kW) from waste gas, propane, or natural gas makes it a versatile and sensible choice to make use of the most readily available fuel source while saving fuel cost.

Rush Power

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