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BGR-36LP Vapour Combustor

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Discover our innovative solutions for emission reduction technologies in the energy sector



  • AER Directive 60 & Saskatchewan S 20

  • BMS Controller CSA approved for Class I Div 2 location

  • CSA B149.3-20, C22.2 No 199-M89

  • E60730-1-2013, ANSI Z21.20-2014

  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60730-2-5-2014 Compliant, meets NFPA standards

BGR Low Pressure Vapor Combustor
Model: BGR-36LP
CRC-Patent Pending.png

The BGR-36LP is a highly versatile, low cost enclosed vapour combustor (EVC) designed to destruct volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and BTEX’s produced from casing gas, oil storage tanks, or de-hys.


The combustor eliminates the need to install expensive vapour recovery units (VRU) or large incinerators.

The patented high efficiency burner inside the combustor chamber provides low pressure continuous burning capabilities, high combustion efficiency, low emissions, reduced odors, no visible flame and increased flame stability with excellent turndown ratios for low pressure applications.



  • Destruction removal efficiency greater than 99.9% and meets the requirements of EPA NSPS 40 CFR 60 Subpart OOOO, AER Directive 60, and Saskatchewan S-20

  • 36” x 24’ high-free standing

  • Stainless steel fire tube

  • May be operated with or without continuous pilot

  • Air intake flame arrestor for reduced spacing or teardrop locations

  • Main low pressure burner volume up to 100,000 scf/d or 2831 m3/d

  • Operating pressures as low as 0.09 psi or 1.5 oz/in2

  • Able to handle intermittent flows easily

  • Flame containment mesh at air inlets for operator safety

  • No visible flame

  • Excellent turndown ratio

  • Heat shield for operator safety

  • In-line flame arrestor required



  • CSA approved ACL 3200 Ignition Control System (meets CSA B149.3-10)

  • Monitors and controls combustion

  • Remote stop and start

  • Auto re-light, continuous trial for ignition

  • Solar operated 12/24 VDC

  • Modbus built in for remote communication

  • Data logging & acquisition to meet EPA requirements



  • All stainless steel nozzles

  • All stainless steel adjustable air dampers

  • Fully adjustable primary and secondary air

  • Air and fuel assist capabilities

  • Extremely stable at wide range of flow rates

  • No flame lift-off or impingement

  • Reduced emissions (low NoX, and low CO)

Rush Industries Logo.png

Rush Industries, a division of Clear Rush Co., is an environmentally conscious company that builds high efficiency enclosed vapor combustors and flare stacks for the energy sector. 


Our complete line of 18”, 24”, 36”, and Cube enclosed vapor combustors are fully manufacturer tested so we can ensure your company is compliant with U.S. EPA guidelines, AER D 60 regulations, and Saskatchewan S-10 / S-20 regulations. Further, Rush Industries operates under the ISO 9001-2015 quality control system.

We combine ACL Manufacturing’s reliable, easy to use, CSA approved ignition control systems with patented designs to provide a completely safe and environmentally sound product.

All Rush Industries enclosed vapor combustors and flare stacks are built to provide the quality assurance and reliability to meet today’s rigorous standards.

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